Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mountains: Ice-Biking and Snow-Caves.

Often I find I have more in common with the Mountains than I do with many people I meet. Is this self-explanatory? I hope so.

Directly after Christmas my team was sent to train high in the mountains for two weeks. This is the first step in our build for the Manchester World Cup, Feb 18-20th.  I'd been in Seattle for the week of Christmas and was not quite ready to return to LA. But, I was very antsy to get back into the rhythm of focused training. The tranquility of the mountains was a good transition. 

Here we did huge six-hour days on the bike up treacherously gorgeous climbs.  The air is thin up here, and my lungs felt it. The day we arrived two feet of snow pummeled down from dark skies. As a celebration to the snow gods we made a survivalist snow cave and a sledding track.

Despite the white scenery all the roads were clear except the short, steep half-mile road from the cabin up to the main highway, 243. For about a week we started our rides hiking through the snow until it all melted. No bones were broken, much to our surprise and delight.

How to Build a Snow-Cave

dan harm

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  1. Dude. Your snow cave thing is hella charming. "I'll be sleeping in igloos a lot in the future. You can count on it." Ha. Belieeeeeve it.