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Stage 17 Racing:

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New beginnings. Forever upwards.

Daniel Harm joins Stage 17 Racing in a Rider/Assistant Director Role

Daniel Harm’s age and experience make him a great asset to the young team, which was highlighted during his time as a guest rider with the squad in 2012. We asked Dan a few questions about his goals for the 2013 season:

What are your goals as an Assistant Director?
-My goal as an Assistant Director is to create a welcoming, knowledgeable and logistically sound environment where the young racers on the team can flourish and learn all the nuances of being a professional athlete.

How do you plan on developing the riders while on the bike next season?
-On the bike while racing for the team, I look forward to further developing my skills as a one of the USA’s go-to lead-out men, thus giving our sprinters the opportunity to shine and get their names out there.

What are your off the bike goals in 2013?
-Off the bike I hope to share the many lessons (I learned the hard way) about what it takes to psychologically and physiologically overcome the many harsh demands of this beautiful sport we call bike racing.

Stage 17 Racing: A new generation of bike racers.
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My excitement has been radically spurned by joining forces with Stage 17 Racing. The team management contains immense passion, excellent communication skills, logistical prowess, and Vision. Add these all together, toss in social media genius and marketing savvy of Michael and David and artistic skills of Jordan, then sprinkle this all onto a solid group of talented young athletes, and you get the infrastructure of a team quickly on the rise as a dominant force showcasing the next generation of top-level clean riders.

Team Environment is crucial for the psyche of an athlete. To feel included, to be surrounded by teammates who espouse your worldview, to already know in November what your next race season will look like, to have a role and a purpose progressing a team upwards all equates to optimal performance as both an athlete and as a human. Life stress lowers. Motivation increases. And everyone involved benefits.

Simple things, like: having management who strongly promote anti-doping, anti-fast-food, anti-homophobia, anti-misogyny, inclusion of all backgrounds, promotion of self-identify, a combination of light-hearted fun and professionalism, etc creates an environment where young athletes can feel secure about themselves and make positive decisions in the search for their cycling dreams and future as a global/community aware individual. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Michael has great taste in really loud music...

To say I'm excited to be involved in this amazing program is a massive understatement. Being hired to race and assist in directing this team is the actualization of many dreams I've been working on for the last seven years. Racing for Stage 17 and launching HARM Coaching is self-actualized autonomy. After all these years, I've finally made the lifestyle of a Bike Racing Gypsy into a sustainable and lucrative occupation. Hell yeah!

You see, the reason I am busting at the seams right now is because, to put it succinctly: I've finally found a home.

-dan harm

2013 Racing Schedule


Valley of the Sun Stage Race - Phoenix, AZ
Callville Bay Classic - Lake Mead, NV
Snelling Road Race - Snelling, CA


Merco Cycling Classic - Merced, CA
San Dimas Stage Race - San Dimas, CA
Redlands Bicycle Classic - Redlands, CA (Pending Invite)


Copperopolis Road Race - Milton, CA
Chico Stage Race - Chico, CA
Sea Otter Classic - Monterey, CA
Joe Martin Stage Race - Fayetteville, AR


Tour of the Gila - Silver City, NM
USA CRITS Speed Week series - GA, SC
Berkeley Hills Road Race - Berkeley, CA
Mount Hamilton Classic - San Jose, CA


SCNCA Elite Road Race Championships - Bakersfield, CA
Saint Francis Tulsa Tough - Tulsa, OK
Nature Valley Grand Prix - Minneapolis, MN
Nevada City Classic - Nevada City, CA
Elite & U23 Road National Championships - Madison, WI
Tour of America's Dairyland - WI


Leesville Gap Road Race - Williams, CA
San Rafael Twilight - San Rafael, CA
Manhattan Beach Grand Prix - Manhattan Beach, CA
Boise Twilight Criterium - Boise, ID
BMC Cascade Cycling Classic - Bend, OR


Brentwood Grand Prix - Los Angeles, CA
Ladera Ranch Grand Prix - Ladera Ranch, CA
San Ardo Road Race - San Ardo, CA


Metromint Giro di San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Thompson Buck Country Classic - Doyelston, PA
USA Criteriums Final - Las Vegas, NV
TD Mayer Bank Mayer's Cup -Boston, MA

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