Friday, December 2, 2011

Motivation is in the Ink

This month I signed onto a new squad, Astellas Pharma US Inc, p/b Trek racing, a well-funded first-year team based out of Chicago. The team is primarily focused on the NCC circuit, and will also hit select NRC events. The squad and I are well matched: I'll have tons of opportunities to refine my lead-out skills and I'll be able to do enough TTs in Stage Races to prove my against-the-clock prowess.

For the time being, after a tenuous World Cup track season last winter, I've forgo-ed pursuing track racing and decided to switch entirely to the road for the next few years. This switch stems from numerous reasons, all of them I will keep to myself, for secrets foster results. Do know I have a method to my madness.

Two days ago I received my 2012 race schedule. Having your race schedule printed with ink is incredible for training motivation. Last year, I was racing one day at a time, team-less, with no idea what the future of racing would throw at me. This is part of the reason why last year was such a shitshow. Despite the shitshow, I luckily pulled together enough results to land me a spot on a team with a big travel budget.  I'm looking forward to the potential results often produced by a stable, well-supported team environment.

I'll live in Chicago for a couple months mid-summer during the height of Midwest Crit action. Before and after this, the team agreed to let me be based out my home-town, Seattle. Along the way I'll be doing racing/training stints in So-Cal and Phoenix, and will also have a training camp in Austin sometime early March. I'm also hoping to do a block of training on the east-coast if I can fit it in. As with all race schedules, it is tentative based upon rest and event focus; i.e. for my A-races, I'll lay low from racing and focus on training.

There are no international events simply because they do not meet the Team's goals and our Sponsor's interest. I'll miss crossing over the USA border, but, at the same time, I'm excited for my first opportunity to really stamp my foot in the domestic scene.

Motivation in Ink:

I'm really stoked for: Tour of Battenkill, Redlands, and Nationals.

The best part about this calendar is simple: The racing. Look at all those 'effing races!!! Regardless of what you've heard, there's only one way to excel on a bike: race hard races. I believe this calendar suits the bill. And the demand of this robust schedule has my motivation to train breaking glass roofs straight up into the heavens. The routine is set. The dedication is welded with a fiery fury. Now it's all about long hours on the bike and equal focus on recovery.

To give an idea: I'm putting 21-28hours a week on the bike (along with numerous off-the bike training routines. Stay tuned for more info on this.) and waking up feeling fresher than ever-- all while still paying the bills! I never thought this would be possible. Luckily, I have a few mentors that help guide me towards the light. (Colby, Mark, Craig, Michael, Adrian, Jeff, Donna, Grandma, and Mom: thank YOU!)

(And to end. Here is a hilarious picture of me from Nats. I guess this is a: little-kid/big-kid track racing 3-wheeled tandem)

-dan harm

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