Saturday, February 5, 2011

One more step

    Two weekends ago the USA National Team hosted a 5-day team pursuit camp. The OUCH men were invited to train with our new rider, Adam, a member of the u23 program, in preparation for the last World Cup in Manchester, England: Feb 18-20th. I was quite content with my performance. More importantly, I have a clearer idea of what is truly required to make the Olympic Team. The road will be perilous indeed. As the infamous Mark Twight said, "If you think you haven't yet done enough, and you could do more, you might begin to understand that, the more capable you become, the higher the mountain rises ahead of you."

   Speaking of a perilous road: recently there has been a lot of problems I have had to deal with. I cannot divulge publicly of these things. But, let me say this: it is absolutely necessary to have back-up plans to your back-up plans when constructing the path to an immense goal. Many obstacles have suddenly crashed in my path, and I refuse to let this deter my motivation. 

   I leave you with a definition that I'm sculpting into the very existence of who I am: 'An individual who displays GRIT can focus on distant goals despite numerous setbacks, failures, obstacles, and long spells of little to no progress.' Keep in mind, I found this definition in a Motivational Psychology textbook underneath the chapter: Learned Industriousness. 

You must stop at nothing. 

   Therefore, I will conclude by leaving you with a song that espouses my current mentality: 

LASTLY: If any of you have been following an old writing project of mine concerning me and a riotous road-trip around the good ol' USA, well, you have a new stories waiting all for you...

-dan harm

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