Thursday, November 11, 2010

Track National Championships: A reflection.

   Here’s a peak into my race plan for the Individual Pursuit at National Championships. Race plans are a psychological necessity to expect your body to perform at a top level.

Race plan

Direct transcription: 

16 ----| Patience for Pyatt  ---------------------|           
15 ----| Breathe. Be in tune with Breathe       | First 1k: Relax
14--------|                                                              |
13            | Rhythm & Relaxation--------------|
12            | For Dad and Donna------------------------| 2k: Breathe
11--------|                                                                          | Just the Fierce
10--|                                                                                   | Beginning
9     | Eradication of Self Doubt. Fierce Confidence-|
8     | Oxford- Jessica. Demark- Mark-------------|
7---|                                                                               | 3k: Begin Now
6--------|                                                                        |
5            | Commitment and Coordination---------|
4            | for Mom and MK--------------|
3--------|                                                      |
2---| For me. For the Olympics              | Golden 4k: finish it
1---| Golden Lap for everyone.----------|

    I took a while before I allowed myself to reflect on my performance at National Championships. Immediately afterward I was extremely disappointed. Sure, I won gold in the Team Pursuit. But, my heart was set on the Individual Pursuit, which I’ve been trying to win for the past four years. This was the year to do it. Second place just didn’t cut it for me. I really have no excuses; I gave it my damndest, but my legs just didn’t have it.

    The year living and training out of my truck, combined with incessant racing this spring/summer to get my name back out in the scene, and the stress of debt, travel, and instability, and with having to say goodbye in early august to a girl—she had to move cross country for grad school—who I’d somehow managed to fall hard for (funny how that happens…) all added up to me not resting enough.

    Three weeks before National Championships while training in LA I fell extremely ill and had to be shipped back to Seattle to get healthy. It took a week of zero riding and 10-14 hours of sleep a day to recover. My body just never fully bounced back and I felt lethargic and disconnected throughout National Championships.

    Though, will all this said and done, I really am quite happy with this whole season—including National Championships—considering the absolutely insane year I’ve had. I mean, hell, I signed a pro contract! And as a bonus, a week after Nationals, I found out I won the A.T.R.A. race calendar, which means I’m the number one ranked track rider in the country. Yippee!

    So, what do you do after your season is done? You rest and party your ass off for two weeks straight and brand yourself with your best friend. Then, you say, ENOUGH! And spend a good 48hours reflecting on the past year and writing goals for next season. Time to kill.

dan harm

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